Time to get rid of this blog?

Wow, I haven’t posted anything here in over 2 years! Makes me wonder if I should just get rid of this blog and go in a completely different direction with my domain. But what direction? I mostly use this domain for email, so I barely ever do anything else with it. Most of my posts […]

Got my old domain back!

Last year, one of my domain names expired. I never set anything to auto-renew, so that’s why it ended up expiring, but also because Namecheap never sent me any renewal notices for it. They didn’t send me one when my reyles.com domain was expiring either, but I managed to remember to renew it. Thanks for […]

Time for a new theme…

I think it’s time for a new theme for my blog. I’ve been using this Options theme for the longest time now. I like the colors and everything, but it’s a pretty old theme and I don’t know if it’ll continue to be compatible with future versions of WP. I could probably still achieve the […]