How does someone develop an abundance mindset while living with someone of a scarcity mindset?

An open question to anyone with more experience with the law of attraction than myself… please leave a comment if you have any suggestions for me!

How do you develop an abundance mindset when you live with someone who has a scarcity mindset?

That is what my situation is right now. The obvious first response to that would be to move out and distance myself from it and move into an environment that’s more suitable for the mindset I want to develop, but that isn’t an option for me at the moment.

I try my best to ignore the comments of the scarcity minded individual and just stay focused on other things instead of the things I’d rather not hear about, but the comments never seem to end. It’s a bit stifling to say the least.

What would be awesome is if I can live with someone who is living the life I want to live and learn from them. A mentor of sorts or someone who will take me in as a live in unpaid intern with me working for them, helping them with their business, while at the same time learning to create a similar lifestyle for myself and elevating my mindset.

I’ll conclude this post with a video since just having text all the time is pretty boring for people who happen to stumble upon my blog:

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