Gratitude time!

Another thing I’m going to do with this blog is list the things I’m grateful for that I already have. By appreciating what I have, I’ll be sending more positive vibrations out to the universe to help me attract even more of that positivity. I’ll write about five things I’m grateful for and will try […]

I fixed my router problems!

So, what did I do to fix my WRT54G? Well, nothing really. I just found a version 2.0, bought it, and returned my 2.2. This 2.0 is working flawlessly. 😀 I transferred over 6 gigs of files from my laptop to my PC wirelessly without losing the connection even once – the 2.2 always dropped […]

I’m an anime slut

I’ve been watching quite a bit of anime lately. Of course there are those that are probably gonna go on for at least a few hundred more episodes: One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto (it’s been licensed for a while now – I’ve kind of got mixed feelings about that). Anyway, I finished watching a couple […]