Current goals

I’ll start with the realistic goals first 😛 Finish reading How to Develop a Super-Power Memory (to help me with my other goals and in life in general) Read and learn from Building a Database Driven Website Using PHP and MySQL Learn CSS – I’ve used a little bit of CSS here and there, but […]

Making money vs liking your job

There’s this thread over at called “5 facts we don’t know about you” where people would post 5 things about themselves that nobody at the forum knows about yet. A couple people started talking about majors, jobs, etc. and one person was saying how he/she would rather have a job that he enjoyed than […]

Now, that’s good customer service!

I e-mailed NCS yesterday and asked when they’d be taking preorders for Naruto 3 for GameCube (I have the first two and they’re awesome, but I want to play as Jiraiya!!). They e-mailed me back just 5 minutes later with a response. It wasn’t really the kind of response I was hoping for… they said […]