Time to get rid of this blog?

Wow, I haven’t posted anything here in over 2 years! Makes me wonder if I should just get rid of this blog and go in a completely different direction with my domain. But what direction? I mostly use this domain for email, so I barely ever do anything else with it. Most of my posts […]

Getting it done…

Hello, Universe! Can you feel it? I really feel like the third time’s a charm for my experience with the Thirty Day Challenge. For a while now, I’ve been stuck on finding a niche for this year’s challenge, as it always seems to be the case every year. But this year, kind of taking Karl […]

The Prosperity Game – Days 54-59

Hello, Universe! I haven’t forgotten about you! It may seem like I’ve stopped playing, but I’m still here and not going anywhere! I’ve just been busy the past few days. $54,000 +55,000 +56,000 ———- $165,000 going towards the rest of the 11.7 acres of land. $57,000 +58,000 +59,000 ——— $174,000 The entire amount of that […]