Hello again, universe! Guess what time it is… gratitude time! Woo-hah! Whoa, been a while since I’ve typed “woo-hah” anywhere… I should start using that again. Hehe. Thank you for the following five things: Another rest week for the Challenge. I’ve got a little bit of catching up to do (posting one of my articles […]

Thankful for technology

Going with another theme for today’s daily gratitude post. Five tech related things that I’m thankful for/appreciate are: Tabbed browsing – what did I ever do before this? Oh yeah, I used to have multiple browser windows open and taking up room on my taskbar, that’s what. I love my tabs… I used to not […]

Possibly unusual things to be thankful for

I guess you could call this a special friday the 13th edition of my gratitude posts. I think most people wouldn’t even consider being thankful for the following, but I am… and here they are: Failure – this is a huge thing for me since I’ve had a lot of failures when it comes to […]