Escaping the heat

By the time you read this post, I’ll be in Oxnard, escaping the San Diego inland heat. But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten to make a post for today. Three things that I appreciate and two affirmations are: WordPress’ scheduled posting feature for making this post possible while I’m away. I could’ve written a post […]

Thank you for reading this

Time for another daily dose of gratitude, but I’m kind of drawing a blank at the moment… must be the heat. Five things that I’m thankful for/appreciate are: People who help get me out of my comfort zone. It’s definitely good for experiencing growth as an individual when I do something that makes me step […]


Hello again, universe! Guess what time it is… gratitude time! Woo-hah! Whoa, been a while since I’ve typed “woo-hah” anywhere… I should start using that again. Hehe. Thank you for the following five things: Another rest week for the Challenge. I’ve got a little bit of catching up to do (posting one of my articles […]