Switching things up

Hello to whoever reads this… I don’t exactly tell anybody about my blog, so nobody I know really knows about it. If you know me, leave a comment. To everyone else who randomly ends up in my little corner of the internet, hello… feel free to leave a comment as well! Anyway, if you’re new […]

Thank you for reading this

Time for another daily dose of gratitude, but I’m kind of drawing a blank at the moment… must be the heat. Five things that I’m thankful for/appreciate are: People who help get me out of my comfort zone. It’s definitely good for experiencing growth as an individual when I do something that makes me step […]

Short and sweet

Hello, universe. I’m going to try to make this daily gratitude post quick before I miss out on posting it today. So, here are today’s five: Rough days make me appreciate the good ones even more. Today’s hot weather would’ve been the perfect time to go to the pool. I’ll probably go tomorrow after the […]