Operation: ReplayTV revival

My ReplayTV’s hard drive got the click of death a few months back. I ended up buying a 250 GB WD Scorpio drive (WD2500AAJB) to replace my dead 80 GB Maxtor drive only to find out that the Scorpio I bought isn’t compatible with the model of ReplayTV I have. The hard drive is compatible […]

Aaw, crap

Well, the ReplayTV hard drive upgrade didn’t go so well. The new hard drive isn’t compatible with it, I guess because I tried all suggestions on replaytvupgrade.com for why the ReplayTV might be stuck on the “Please wait…” screen and none of them worked. But, the good news is that at least the old 80 […]

Time for another ReplayTV upgrade

I’m still using my ReplayTV, or I would be if it was working properly. It’s not HD capable or anything, it’s just a regular old 5040 model, but I love this thing. Like the original 40 GB hard drive that came with it, the current one I have now (an 80 GB drive) has bitten […]