GiFTPiA was a game for Nintendo GameCube, developed by Skip Ltd and published by Nintendo. It was only released in Japan in 2003.

If you’ve never heard of this game visit Nintendo of Japan’s official GiFTPiA website or for info in English, check it out at IGN Cube’s GiFTPiA page.

Several people have imported it, but no guides were ever submitted to GameFAQs, even though there were some that people have written. I saved some guides and sites that have helped me out when I played the game, so decided to upload them here since they’re not available elsewhere.

Click on the links in the sidebar to go to the different guides that I have available, or click on the links below (most links on this page open in a new window):

GiFTPiA FAQ / Walkthrough / Guide – Yes, this contains a full walkthrough of the game, written by Roxy. It may not be perfect at some points, but it does give you enough info that you need to beat the game.

GiFTPiA Info Website – Great site, if you can read Japanese. Covers a lot more info than the guide in the link above.

GiFTPiA Field FAQ – A little mini FAQ about one small part of the game. Not really essential to beating the game since I don’t think I ever used the field when I played through my game.

GiFTPiA English Walkthrough New, working link Newest link – link opens in a new window. It’s a complete walkthrough written by Jason Muir (Importaku) and has some information on side quests too. Great site! Roxy’s guide posted above in combination with Jason’s walkthrough will definitely help you get through the whole game.

GiFTPiA full English translation – a translation of the whole game done by Kirameki.

For the GiFTPiA Info Website, I say, “Great site, if you can read Japanese.” Most people would think that if you can read Japanese, then why would you need a guide in the first place?? One huge reason for anybody fluent in Japanese to need a guide for this game is if they’ve imported it and are using the Freeloader to play the game on a US/PAL GameCube. The Freeloader makes the text in the game unreadable. From what I’ve read about people using the Freeloader, the text in the game becomes garbled, so even if you can understand Japanese, you still can’t read what they’re saying.

Fortunately, for me, I don’t have this problem since both of my US GameCubes can play both US and Japanese games without the use of a Freeloader and without a modchip. Basically, mine just has a switch installed where flipping the switch will change the region that the GameCube operates in… either US or Japan mode… there is no PAL switch since that’s a totally different story, so you’d still need a Freeloader for that.

For more details about the region switch mod, head on over to the region switch installation guide – If that link doesn’t work, just do some searches on Google. If you don’t have any soldering experience, then I’d suggest the hole method or finding someone who can solder. If you need any more help, visit the Import Invasion Forum and I’m sure those guys will be able to help you out.

You don’t need to mod your Cube to play this game, it’s just that in the long run, if you import a lot, flipping a switch is a lot more convenient than swapping discs.

The game will also play on a softmodded Wii – it’s also possible to play on the Wii without any modifications necessary.

No matter how you’re playing this game, I hope the guides that I have here help you out as much as they’ve helped me. Enjoy this awesome and quirky game! If it ever comes out in English, which I highly doubt it will, I would definitely buy the game all over again, no doubt about it.