I fixed my router problems!

So, what did I do to fix my WRT54G? Well, nothing really. I just found a version 2.0, bought it, and returned my 2.2. This 2.0 is working flawlessly. 😀

I transferred over 6 gigs of files from my laptop to my PC wirelessly without losing the connection even once – the 2.2 always dropped the wireless connection and I had to power cycle the router to get it back up. The 2.0 was able to send 2 gigs worth of files to my Xbox – with the 2.2, I couldn’t even transfer all of Xbox Media Center which is only about 45 megabytes total without getting disconnected. With the 2.0, I was able to use Bittorrent on my laptop to download straight to my desktop – with the 2.2, it would always give this file write error and say something like it couldn’t find the network path and disconnect. My torrents seem faster with the 2.0 too. I downloaded two files around 175 MB each in about 10 minutes! Usually, it’d take around half an hour. I was also able to stream an episode of Bleach and an episode of Naruto to my Xbox without either of the episodes getting cut off towards the end (and having to start over :|).

I have no idea why the new 2.2’s are crappy compared to the 2.0’s. Must be some pretty shoddy hardware on the new 2.2/3.0’s. If any of you out there are stuck with a frequently disconnecting 2.2 or 3.0 WRT54G, do yourself a favor and exchange it for a 2.0 if you can find one. Here’s a 2.0 box compared to the 2.2 and 3.0 boxes.

WRT54G boxes

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