Lost 3×14 Exposé

Power line, Paulo lies… paralyzed. I really thought those two were dead tonight. Well, now that they were buried alive, they just might end up that way. Of course, if Beatrix Kiddo (Uma Thurman’s character in Kill Bill) can dig herself up from six feet under, it shouldn’t be a problem for Paulo and Nikki since it doesn’t seem like they were buried as deep.

Back when they first introduced Paulo and Nikki, I read somewhere on the internet that they might be working with the Others. So that’s what I thought tonight’s episode would be about… their connection with the Others. It turns out, it was completely different than what I was expecting.

I knew Nikki was in some sort of movie or TV show during the beginning… it just seemed very TV show-ish the way those scenes were shown, especially with the corny dialogue. 😛

I really liked this episode, the flashbacks were well done, as usual. And it was cool to see all of the dead characters again. 🙂

What a shock to learn that P&N were the first to discover the plane and the Pearl. I think they really tied it in well with past events showing the real reason why Paulo used the toilet when they explored the Pearl with Locke. And it’s also somewhat of an allusion to Charlie going to the bathroom for his stash back in season 1.

So, Paulo picked up a walkie talkie… I really hope they don’t try to radio for help again – that’s so season 1. 😛 At least now they’ll be able to eavesdrop on the others. I wonder if Paulo heard the whole conversation when Jack was trying to help Sawyer and Kate escape from the Others.

If there were spiders all over the place where Nikki paralyzed Paulo (and got paralyzed herself), wouldn’t it have been possible for anybody else to get bitten when they found Paulo? Or maybe even way before then too. I’m just surprised that people on the island haven’t been bitten at all until now. I’m more surprised that Dr. Arzt was able to collect himself a female medusa spider without being bitten himself since there should’ve been a ton of male spiders around when he got it.

Preview for next week’s episode:

I hope there’s more to it than just those two.

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