Road Rules Viewers Revenge Finale (prediction)

If you’ve watched Road Rules at all this season (you can watch it online on MTV’s website), you’d know that they’re doing things a little differently than before. This season, they have a Pit Crew of people that viewers can choose from to vote who goes into the pit to compete for a spot on the RV.

The Road Rulers on the RV have had a few pit stops during this season where they compete against the top vote getters of the Pit Crew. If the pit crew wins, they get the $10,000 that would’ve been added to the Road Rulers handsome reward.

I think for the finale, it’ll probably be a final pit stop challenge. Where the Road Rulers and the Pit Crew will compete for all of the money that the Road Rulers have banked. It only makes sense that they’d do something like that with the way this season has been going. So even people that have lost their spot on the RV still have a chance to win the money in the end.

That’s just my prediction. We’ll see what really happens at the end of the season (whenever that is).

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