I’ve pushed the ball even further

So, yesterday, I got the ball rolling with my internet marketing campaign. I wrote up two articles. Today, I submitted one and included my affiliate link in it. I’ll have to wait for Google to get my article indexed. Since I don’t want my competition to just Google my name and look up what my articles are, I’m writing under a pen name.

I’ll be submitting my other article pretty soon and writing up a few more articles. This second article was a lot easier for me to write since it was similar to me answering a question when my friends have asked me about it. So it’s really easy and faster to do when you’ve already written about something before.

I’ll be tracking my progress tomorrow to see if any results come. I don’t expect anything to happen within a day, but who knows?

My goal is to write at least one article every other day. Hopefully, as I get better at this, I’ll be able to write a bunch more articles in a lot less time.

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