Thank you, MTV!

I just went to today and, wow, the new website is great!! I wonder if they read my previous entry. 😉 It’s sooooo much better than before.

Anyway, I like the new better than the old one because the old one was ALL Flash navigation. Sometimes it would take a while (more than 20 seconds on the internet is “a while”) to load and then it would automatically play some video that I had no interest in at all. Then sometimes when I’d hover my mouse to select something, it wouldn’t register, so I’d have to move my cursor somewhere in the proximity of the thing I wanted to click on just to click on it… but sometimes I’d still end up clicking the wrong thing.

Their new site uses a CSS navigation menu, so it loads more quickly than the Flash version. I think this new site will save them a lot of bandwidth in the long run. It’s probably already saved them a few gigs worth already.

Kudos to whoever designed their new site! 🙂

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