More TV online with Hulu

I posted before about where you can go to watch your favorite TV shows online (legally), but that’s mostly for recently aired episodes of shows.

I forgot to include this before, but for some older shows there’s AOL’s In2TV:

If you want to watch even more older shows than what AOL offers, now there’s another service in beta. It’s called hulu. You can check it out at If you want in on the beta, you can join through here or here. Invitations are limited, so be quick!

Not only does hulu have a lot of older shows, but they’ve also got movies and current shows that are still on the air. The quality is similar to all of those other sites I posted before. And like those other sites, there are commercials too.

I hope one of these sites that offer streaming TV shows will put up episodes of Out of This World and Three. I’ve been wanting to watch episodes of both of those shows lately, especially Three. For more info about Three, visit this site – I think that’s the only fan site in existence about that show.

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