Time for another ReplayTV upgrade

I’m still using my ReplayTV, or I would be if it was working properly. It’s not HD capable or anything, it’s just a regular old 5040 model, but I love this thing. Like the original 40 GB hard drive that came with it, the current one I have now (an 80 GB drive) has bitten the dust, at least for use in a ReplayTV – it might still be useable for storage or something, but I don’t think I’ll be storing anything important on it.

Time to do an upgrade again, but I forgot the procedure on how to do it since it’s been so long since the last upgrade, so I’ll need to look up that info. It also might be a good idea to clean up any dust that might have built up inside while I have it opened up.

I found a sweet deal on a hard drive yesterday. Target had a Western Digital Caviar EIDE 250 GB hard drive for 75% off, so it was marked down from $99.99 to $24.98. I was so stoked since I didn’t want to spend more than 50 bucks on a new hard drive, so that was an excellent find! After this upgrade, my ReplayTV will be able to record up to 250 hours of TV on normal quality. I can save a lot more episodes of shows that way. 🙂

This’ll be fun for me though. I haven’t taken anything apart in a while, so it’s nice to finally have another opportunity to do so. 🙂

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