I don’t do reciprocal following, sorry!

It’s been a while since my last post, so I thought I’d write something about Twitter. I have a few different twitter accounts for different purposes. One for tech, one for internet marketing, one general account that’s mostly for family and stuff… if they ever catch onto Twitter at all – my siblings and other family mostly hang out on MySpace, which I don’t waste my time with anymore.

Anyway, I’ve noticed I’ve been getting a lot of followers on my internet marketing Twitter account. Which is kind of weird since I don’t really tweet much on it. The only reason I think people follow me is because they see I’m following some other marketers and probably have the idea in their head that if they follow me, I’ll follow them back then they can just promote the hell out of whatever it is they’re trying to promote. Well, if that’s your plan, too bad, cuz it ain’t gonna work! I don’t do reciprocal following.

I only follow people who have something to say that catches my interest. I do look at the Twitter pages of people who follow me to see what they’ve tweeted lately, but if nothing catches my eye or if I see that they’re just trying to use Twitter to pimp a bunch of affiliate links, I usually don’t follow them back.

Anyone who really wants me to read something they have to tweet can always @myusername me (no, that’s not my Twitter username). But I choose who I want to follow. In the words of He-Man, “I have the power!” Was that super cheesy or what? 😛

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