Operation: ReplayTV revival

My ReplayTV’s hard drive got the click of death a few months back. I ended up buying a 250 GB WD Scorpio drive (WD2500AAJB) to replace my dead 80 GB Maxtor drive only to find out that the Scorpio I bought isn’t compatible with the model of ReplayTV I have. The hard drive is compatible for ReplayTV 4000 series, but not the 5000 series… which is what I have. It would’ve been great if it worked since the Scorpio drive is so quiet you can barely hear it.

I kept the hard drive anyway since I planned on getting an external enclosure for it, but then I realized I could revive my ReplayTV in a different way, sort of by playing musical chairs with a few hard drives. I have a 120 GB Maxtor hard drive in my modded Xbox. I know for sure that Maxtors work in my Replay, so I figured I might as well stick the 250 GB drive into the Xbox (which is way more space than I need for it, but oh well) and then take the 120 GB drive and stick it into the Replay.

I’d rather have the 250 GB drive in the Replay to record more hours, but unfortunately, I can’t do that. At least having 120 gigs would be a nice upgrade from 80 gigs.

While I know the process for upgrading a ReplayTV hard drive, it’s been a long time since I modded my Xbox to put XBMC on it, so I don’t remember how to upgrade an Xbox drive. Gotta do some reading up on that first before I jump right into it since I’m not even sure if my BIOS will support a drive bigger than 120 GB… might need to upgrade my BIOS first. And I need to make sure I have enough space on my PC to temporarily back up the files on my Xbox.

All this Xbox stuff just to save my Replay. LOL. I haven’t really touched my Xbox since I got the 360. Instead of using XBMC now, I just use TVersity on the 360. I tried out MediaMall’s PlayOn to watch videos from hulu and other places, but that didn’t work out so well since it kept giving me some sort of connection errors and wouldn’t play anything once it did connect.

Anyway, time to go rescue my Replay!

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