The Prosperity Game – Day 28

Hello, universe! How are you doing today?

Like I mentioned yesterday, I only used the $27,000 to cover most of the cost of the Prius, so today I’ll put $3000 of today’s $28,000 towards the rest of it. That should about cover it.

That leaves me with $25,000 to spend. I think I’d invest it in some high end internet marketing products, hopefully some of these that can’t be purchased now will be available to buy again. Here’s what I’d get:

Product Launch Formula 2.2+ (or whatever it’ll be called when JW releases it again) – priced at $1997

Simple Writing System – priced at $797
Kickass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel – $299
(really not sure if I need both of these, but it couldn’t hurt)

Mass Control 2.0 (though this one may be completely sold out) – $1997

The Ultimate Desktop Copy Coach – $1497

Traffic Secrets 2.0 – $397

Stompernet membership (when it opens up again) – $797/mo

Well, that leaves $17,219 left.

Soooo… next, I’d spend $250 to take the motorcycle safety course at Palomar so I could get a motorcycle license.

After that, I’d get a 2009 Honda VTX 1300T.

Honda VTX 1300T

I’m not sure how often I’d ride this. Probably not for long distance drives, but maybe just for quick errands.

I may or may not get that exact bike. It all depends on how big it is. I’m a petite young lady, so that might be too big for me. I’ll do some shopping around for a bike that’s perfect for me. I might update this post when I find a better one for my size.

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