The Prosperity Game – Days 30 – 35

Hello, Universe! I’ve been kind of busy to spend my prosperity game money!

I know I said I wouldn’t do any rollovers, but sometimes you just miss a few days. So if I happen to miss a few days in a row, rather than trying to go back and play catch up, I’ll just combine them. I did make a post for day 30, but never ended up updating it, so that’s why it’s included as part of today’s.


Whoa! That’s a nice hunk of cash.

Anyway, I’ve wanted to travel across the country and visit every state at least once. So I think it’d be awesome to do it in a Winnebago. I’ve never been much for camping or anything like that, but I think having passengers in an RV would be a lot more comfortable for them than being cooped up in a car for a long drive.

So, the one I’ve chosen is the 2009 Winnebago View. I’m still deciding on the floor plan, but I really like either the 24A or the 24P. It’s still a tossup. So I’ll be using let’s say around $135,000 to get either one of the two.

2009 Winnebago View 24A

The reason I’ve gone for a Class C RV is because I don’t have a Class A license and I’d rather not drive something so huge! And this way, it’d be something that everyone with a license can take turns driving.

That leaves me with $60,000.

It’s amazing how many motor vehicles I’m buying in this game. Now I kind of understand why Jay Leno has so many cars. Anyway, with that said, I’d buy yet another vehicle for hauling things.

Since the Prius wouldn’t be good for the occasional times I’d need to haul stuff, I think having a pickup truck or big van (with the seats in the back taken out) would be a good idea. The Prius I bought earlier would be my main mode of transportation and I’d only use this when the Prius just isn’t big enough to hold whatever big item I end up getting.

It’s kind of a tossup between either a Dodge Sprinter van or a pickup truck. With the van, I wouldn’t necessarily need to tie stuff down to make sure the stuff doesn’t get lost on the way to its destination. But with the truck, there’s not much of a limit to how big something can be. Like if you have a 7 foot TV cabinet, it’d probably be able to fit fine unless the truck bed has a cover on it. An advantage with the van is that you can fit a whole bunch of tiny things and pack it all into the space available – with a truck, you’d need something to secure everything into place like a tarp or something.

I already pretty much had my mind set on getting a truck before I even made this post, so I’ll go with that and maybe I’ll get the Sprinter later on.

At first, I wasn’t planning on getting a truck with a huge cab because then it would shorten the space for the bed, but you want to make your passengers comfortable too and not feel cramped in a tiny space – after all, they’ll be the ones helping you load stuff into the truck bed. 😉

So, my choice would be a 2009 Toyota Tacoma 4×4 Double Cab Long Bed, V6 Automatic.

2009 Toyota Tacoma

Rounding up the price to $33,000 still leaves me with $27,000 left! Wow! I think it’d be a waste to pimp out the truck with the rest of the money since it wouldn’t be used as a primary vehicle for transportation.

So, hey, I think I’ll use the rest of the cash to pimp my Prius that I bought earlier. Montors in the headrests and also one for the front passenger. I’d find someone who can build in an Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii so that all of my passengers can play multiplayer games with each other (which obviously means I’d have full sets of controllers for every system) – they’d have to be in easily accessible areas – not inconvenient to get to like in the trunk or something. I’d want people to be able to switch games while the car is moving.

I’d also fill up a 300+ CD/DVD holder with a library full of games and Blu Ray movies (since the PS3 can play Blu Ray Discs). And, in case that’s not enough, I’d hook up the monitors to a satellite TV connection. Ah, the things I do for my passengers! Kind of makes me not want to be the one driving.

Of course, each monitor would have multiple input jacks and also be hooked up to wireless headsets. That way, there could be different things going on on each monitor if people don’t want to play together.

That’s all for days 30-35! That was fun to combine separate amounts from different days like that, but I’ll still try to make this a daily thing.

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