The Prosperity Game – Day 38-42

Hello, Universe!

Whoa, been away for a while! Today’s gonna be one big, super, megaspending day!


After searching for a house how I’d like it, I couldn’t really find one that met my needs (single story with a 6+ bedrooms, 3+ baths, built in ethernet in every room, no HOA). So, now I’d like to buy some land to build a house on. $170,000 isn’t enough to do that with, but I’ll be making payments towards it with the money I’ll be getting each day.

Lot # 2 here seems like it would be big enough to build a house that I’m thinking of, but I might as well be on the safe side and go for the biggest one, with lot 4.

I’d have the entire lot paid off by day 56.

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