The Prosperity Game – Days 46-48

Hello again, Universe!

Still paying off the 11.7 acres of land today.

$46,0000 + 47,000 + 48,000 going toward that.

Here’s a little bit more about the house I want to build on that land.

I would want at least one of the bathrooms to be like the bathrooms you’d find in Japan… but I guess that would mean there would be no toilet in it since they put their toilets in separate rooms. Anyway, this is what I’m talking about…

WARNING: Nudity alert! But it’s not so bad… just a little weird to watch a grown man making a video in his tub.

That tub just seems too cool! I’m normally a shower kind of person, but I could definitely see myself using a tub more often if it was like that.

And also, I would love to have a Japanese toilet too. Cheapy also made a toilet video…

So, yeah, I would at least want one of the bathrooms in this house I’m going to at least have a Japanese tub & toilet. Ideally, maybe all of them could be like that. Seriously, who needs marble shower tiles when you can have everything all nice and waterproof?

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