Interesting tidbit about my domain…

Hello, Universe! I’m taking another break from the prosperity game posts for now since everything up to day 56 (?) is all going towards the land I’ll be building on. I’ll continue again, possibly tomorrow.

Well, this was interesting to me, anyway. My site is ranking #9 in Google (for a US based search) for both broad & phrased matched searches of hello universe (out of 30,600,000 pages & 48,100 pages, respecitvely). Amazing! There’s an SEO lesson in there somewhere.

It has been so incredibly hot these past few days. Even though I was born during summer (my birthday is the end of this month), I like cooler days. I don’t even mind if it’s freezing cold because you can at least always pile on more blankets at night. But on hot days, there’s only so much I’m willing to take off, or even can take off.

But, anyway, speaking of my birthday, it’s coming up in 11 days! I’m not really into wild partying or stuff like that, so it’ll probably be just the same routine every year where I’ll go out to dinner. But another thing I like to do every year is treat myself to a birthday present. Something I wouldn’t otherwise buy since it’s either too expensive or whatever other reason I wouldn’t get it. Sure, people give me birthday gifts, but sometimes there’s something that you really want that other people won’t buy for you. So my birthday is always a good excuse to splurge a little.

Well, this year, I ended up ordering a MacBook. Not a brand new one, but a refurb from the Apple Store. So I’m saving some money, but it’s still something I wouldn’t buy when I normally shop. It’ll be delivered tomorrow! I’m so excited! My very first Apple computer. 🙂 In case you’re wondering, I bought the refurb model of this. So, the model number isn’t MB881LL/A, but FB881LL/A since it’s a refurb.

Yes, I will be opening it 10 days before my birthday, but it’s still considered my bday gift – I’m just too excited to wait until my actual birthday to use it. Hopefully, I’ll be home when FedEx arrives since someone needs to sign for it.

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