Getting it done…

Hello, Universe! Can you feel it? I really feel like the third time’s a charm for my experience with the Thirty Day Challenge.

For a while now, I’ve been stuck on finding a niche for this year’s challenge, as it always seems to be the case every year.

But this year, kind of taking Karl Moore’s advice, I just said f**k it and instead of trying to find a niche in something I’m interested in (which either ends up not having high traffic, no category phrases, or a ton of competition – not SEOC, but very established sites already ranking), I just went on clickbank, looked at a niche that already had a ton of products and tried to find keywords based around that.

The keyword I chose wasn’t the one that had the most traffic per day, but was one that had the most generic term that I could use for the domain name. I’ll be using the high traffic keyword as one of my categories.

The SEOC matrix for my chosen keyword is a bit more competitive than I’d hoped for, but it’s still pretty doable. If I can get a site ranking on the first page of Google for a broad matched phrase that has 32+ million results, I can definitely get this site to rank broad matched since the keyword only has 6+ million results. And the sites that are ranking don’t have my keyphrase anywhere in their URL, so that’ll probably make it easier. It’ll be easy to rank for the phrase match term since there are less than 2,000 competing pages.

I didn’t feel like signing up with Host Gator since I’m very happy with my current web host that I’ve been with for about 5 years now (or maybe longer). But since my host doesn’t use cPanel, I can’t use WordPress Direct with it. Not a big problem for me since Marty of WPD posted which plugins are used when you install WordPress using their system. I was able to get them all installed and working properly and find a related theme.

I thought about using the Atahualpa theme and customizing it, and I still might do that, but I just wanted something up and running quickly.

I published my first post to it, changing the default “hello world” post – though it might be better if I deleted that and reposted it as a brand new post so that it could ping the services I have set to ping.

Even though the niche is something that I’ve never had personal experience with, it was still not so hard to rewrite an article for it. I was kind of amazed by how fast I actually did it.

All that’s left is to start submitting my site with Traffic Bug and creating more articles. Reading on the forums, people have been having problems joining, so I’m gonna wait a few hours and hope that the site still isn’t getting hammered by then.

I can see myself earning that dollar this year (and more!) really soon, especially once my site gets indexed and ranking.

Pretty awesome that I was able to do days 1-7 of the challenge all in one day.

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