Stat checking addict!

Ever since using Traffic Bug yesterday to submit my site, I’ve been checking my stats like crazy since my site got ranked – got indexed and ranked within an hour and a half of submitting it.

It’s #1 phrase matched (out of like 1300 pages) and number 64 and climbing for the broad match result (out of 6.5+ million pages).

It’s also ranking in the top 500 for some of my category phrases. So far, there hasn’t been any traffic to it yet though. I’m really hoping to see a change in that soon. But I think checking my stats as often as I have been isn’t the best thing for me right now. I need to get my mind on something else… like writing more articles or maybe finding more niches of things that I actually have an interest in. I know the current niche I’m in is profitable, but it’s really not my thing. Maybe I’ll learn to love it once I start seeing some sales. 🙂

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