2010: my year of total pwnage

It’s been a long time since my last blog post, but I thought I’d start 2010 off right by posting an update.

2009 has come and gone and here are a few things I’ve learned:

Being chosen to be a moderator at a forum I participate in for the third time in my life (1st time I was around 17-18, then in my early 20s, now my late 20s) shows me that maybe I do possess some leadership ability. I’ve always been a timid individual in face-to-face situations, but on forums, it’s just a lot different for me since I can gather my thoughts and refine what I say before I make my posts.

Also, with being a mod, I’ve learned that I actually enjoy the investigative behind-the-scenes aspects of it when it comes to identifying who’s a spammer and who’s not. Don’t tell anyone I said this, but it’s kind of fun for me to research that kind of stuff because it just makes my Googling skills that much better. I’ve always been able to find anything online, but doing it with an actual purpose makes it that much more interesting.

I’ve learned that I am not much of a Mac user. I bought that MacBook for my birthday and really haven’t used it all too much. Anybody want to buy a MacBook?? 😉 Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but it’s just not for me.

As far as affiliate marketing, I’ve learned that I get lazy when it comes to link building and traffic generation. I can do the niche research, write content, and make a website with no problems, but when it comes to driving traffic to my sites, I really don’t like to take the time and find relevant websites to get backlinks from. Maybe this process is something I should try to outsource for 2010. I actually do want to outsource as much as possible eventually.

My affiliate plan for this year is to stick with what has already made me money. And that’s selling physical products, not information products. Instead of moving from one thing to the next, I’m going to stick with physical product promotion and not move on to anything new until it’s making a steady stream of income. Right now it’s only making me money during the holidays since my main earning website is holiday based, so I’ll have to choose a niche product that can be sold throughout the year. That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it!

My new year 2010 started out great and here’s to it continuing to be awesome throughout the rest of the year and beyond!

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