Holy $h1t! My first sale on Clickbank!

It’s always been easier for me to sell physical products on Amazon than to make any digital product sales on Clickbank, but I logged in today and saw this:

I’ll admit that this sale comes from a site that has been dormant since last year’s Thirty Day Challenge ended. So I haven’t even been trying to create new content, build backlinks, etc. I really haven’t focused on Clickbank at all since my focus this year is on Amazon’s affiliate program.

The reason I know what site the sale is from is because I checked where the person was from who bought the product, then I looked at my Pretty Link stats and the IP address of the click matched the location of the person who bought the product.

I probably won’t see a dime of this commission due to Clickbank’s customer distribution requirement:

ClickBank will withhold payment of any account balance until the following criteria is met:

* Sales made with 5 or more different credit card numbers; and,
* Sales made with two different payment methods (either Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal). Note: PayPal purchases do not count toward the minimum 5 different credit card numbers.

This requirement is in place to help prevent Affiliates from abusing the ClickBank Affiliate program by using their accounts for the sole purpose of fraudulently collecting rebates and/or discounts on their own purchases.

Once you have met the Customer Distribution Requirement, your account will begin issuing payments normally, in accordance with our Accounting Policy, beginning on the next payment issuing date.

It’s still a pretty damn awesome feeling to know that one of my 30DC sites actually made a sale. Kind of horrible conversion rate for that site, but still nice to see a sale nonetheless.

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    May 6, 2011 at 10:51am

    that is good news. I am trying to do the same I hope I will have my first sale soon.


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