Everyone has to have something…

to be thankful for. If you think you don’t have anything going for you, dig deeper and I’m sure there’s something out there that you’re grateful for. No matter how miniscule it may seem, I think it could have a life changing impact to be grateful for that one small thing than to keep focusing on the negative and things that are going wrong. So find that one small thing that makes you happy, I’m sure there’s at least one thing out there no matter how bad your life may seem.

Time for today’s five… I’ll have to come up with a clever name for it. But five things that I’m thankful for are:

Skype for allowing me to connect with people far away from me. Even better would be actually being there, but thanks Skype for being the next best thing.

My Amazon Prime membership. I love being able to order something and get it in 2 days (unless I order over the weekend) and not have to spend at least $25 just to get free shipping.

The entire Challenge team for the changes to this year’s (formerly Thirty Day) Challenge. The lessons are so well done this year and I love the change of pace. It made it easy to start all over during the break after module two, which is still going on right now and I was able to find a phrase and get a site up and submitted to traffic bug easily. Well, I could have done it faster than I did, but I’m still all caught up with everything. I’ve even written more articles in a shorter amount of time. I still have to edit them, but at least I’ve got something down to work with.

The weather today. It has been strange weather for southern California this summer, but I love it! High heat over 90 degrees Fahrenheit usually knocks me out for the day, so I’m really glad we haven’t had that many of those days this summer. I’m definitely enjoying the cooler weather and I hope it returns next summer.

My Challenge group for this year. Even though I haven’t been a very active member of the group, I love the energy I get from just reading people’s posts. It helps keep me motivated and really wanting to meet my goal for this year… to make my dollar within the challenge and to have consistent sales after the challenge is over.

That’s the five for today! Thank you x 5! More tomorrow. 🙂

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