Thank you, thank you, thank you

thank you, and thank you!

It’s time for another five things I’m thankful for.

That I’m still able to write fairly legibly. For someone who’s used computers for so long and mostly uses them all day, I still like to write on paper every once in a while. I’m glad I’m still able to read my handwriting.

Being tech savvy. I love that I’m not afraid of technology and am able to figure out any new piece of tech when I need to.

My awesome Google skills. I can usually find what I need to find. Sometimes it takes a bit longer than expected, but most of the time I’m able to find things quickly.

The Sue and Steve Show. I sort of stumbled upon their show by accident when looking up reviews about Infomillionaire 2 on the Warrior Forum, but I’m so glad I ended up clicking through to their site. I’ve pretty much watched every video they’ve ever made. It’s just so fun to watch them and truly inspiring to see the Law of Attraction in action in their lives.

Gmail’s spam filter. Yes, something that most people would probably take for granted since you don’t really think about it much when you’re reading and replying to emails. But Gmail’s spam filter works amazingly well and keeps all the unwanted stuff out of my inbox. On my main Gmail account, I’ve never had any false positives. Thank you, Google, for putting what’s important in my inbox and keeping the rest out.

Thanks again! Some people may think that some of these things I’ve written about so far are frivolous things to be thankful for, but hey, it’s better than focusing on the negative, right?

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