I’m seriously elated right now. I’ll start my daily dose of gratitude soon and you’ll see why, so let’s get right to it! All five have a common theme this time because I’m that excited about it.

First, I just logged into my Clickbank account a moment ago and saw that I got another sale. w00t!

Second, not only is it another sale, but it’s a credit card sale! I’m one step closer to meeting the customer distribution requirements to be paid by Clickbank. All I need is one more credit card sale.

Third is knowing that my Thirty Day Challenge site from last year converts. I’m not exactly sure what the metrics are for it, I really should pay more attention to my traffic, clickthroughs, and sales.

Fourth is knowing that I can sell info/digital products! My affiliate sales before this year have all been physical products, but selling digital products is just as easy.

Fifth is the motivation I get from seeing any sales on any affiliate program. After this year’s challenge is over or during the breaks this year (I’ve been using the breaks lately to catch up), I’m going to work more on my 2009 30DC site to get more traffic coming into it to get sales more consistently.

And that’s 5/5 for today. More again tomorrow! 🙂

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