Possibly unusual things to be thankful for

I guess you could call this a special friday the 13th edition of my gratitude posts. I think most people wouldn’t even consider being thankful for the following, but I am… and here they are:

Failure – this is a huge thing for me since I’ve had a lot of failures when it comes to internet marketing. It’s not failure, it’s succeeding at finding what doesn’t work and learning from it. Not everything you do is going to be a success, and most successful people fail more times before they achieve success. You only truly fail when you completely stop trying and I’m never going to stop. I wish I had failed more when I was in school since a lot of successful people I read about or know of either did poorly in high school (or didn’t finish high school), dropped out of college, or have terrible grammar. Maybe if I had done worse in school, I’d be doing so much better with IM now. Who knows?

Naysayers – these people just make me want to prove them wrong so much more than bringing me down.

When the internet or power goes out – it actually helps me get things done… like cleaning my room.

Competition – I noticed there’s another Challenger targeting my keyword phrase for the niche I’m in this year. He managed to score the domain name I was going to get, but that’s okay since I still like the .com name I ended up with better than the .org he got. It keeps me wanting to do a whole lot better and try to outperform and outrank him in the search engines.

Thunder & lightning – I don’t like regular storms, but when there’s thunder & lightning, then it’s awesome when I get a free light show outside my window. Even better when it’s dark out because it’s pretty amazing to see the whole sky light up.

Okay, so that last one might not be that unusual, but it’s something that some people are afraid of, but I like it.

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