Thankful for technology

Going with another theme for today’s daily gratitude post. Five tech related things that I’m thankful for/appreciate are:

Tabbed browsing – what did I ever do before this? Oh yeah, I used to have multiple browser windows open and taking up room on my taskbar, that’s what. I love my tabs… I used to not like them (crazy, right?), but now I can’t browse without them.

Saved sessions and session managers – it’s so nice being able to reopen the tabs I left off with and also having session manager add-ons/extensions that let me save and load specific sessions.

Adblock Plus – I rarely see ads anymore on most sites. There are some sites where I have to allow them or the site won’t work properly and some sites where I’ll allow them if I want to support the site by clicking on ads that interest me, but for the most part I don’t get annoying banners with sound, flashing colors, etc.

NoScript or Google Chrome’s Javascript blocking feature – it really helps keep my browsing sessions safe from possible malicious attacks and I know it’s my own fault if I ever get any malware because I manually have allow sites to load scripts. The only malware I’ve ever really had to deal with in the past few years is any that’s on other people’s computers.

The Gmail Manager extension for Firefox – if Chrome ever gets an extension similar to this, I’m permanently making the switch from Firefox. But right now this is one of the few I can’t live without because I have a ton of Gmail accounts for different purposes – a few personal (1 for family, 1 for friends, 1 for really close friends), internet marketing, junk mail, shopping, gaming, niche websites (I pretty much make a new address for every keyword I target). Gmail manager makes it really easy to switch between accounts.

Okay, so not only were all of those things tech related, but all browser related… and I still have a few more browser related things I can write about, so maybe I’ll continue with this tomorrow… or not, depending on if I still want to write about it by the time I make my post tomorrow. We’ll see! 😉

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