Another themed gratitude post

Hello, universe! It’s been a while since I started a post that way.

I almost forgot about today’s daily gratitude post. Yesterday’s post had to do with web browsers and I guess today’s mostly has to do with my phone. So, thanks for the following…

Screen protector on my phone. Thanks for helping keep my screen from getting dirty or scratched. It’s better that those things happen to the screen protector and not the screen, right? 🙂

Osfoora for iPhone. It’s probably one of the best Twitter clients I’ve used for the iPhone. I don’t feel like going in depth into that since this isn’t meant to be a review, so that’s all I’ll say.

Google Maps for iPhone – for showing me real time traffic and helping me find places while I’m on the go.

Sigalert – speaking of traffic, this site is great for that too. It’s only for Californians and Arizonans (is that what you call someone from Arizona or is it Arizonian?) though, but still great for checking traffic. They also have a mobile version of the site too, but it’s easier for me just to open Google Maps.

Being able to download apps on iTunes for transferring to my phone later. Very useful when my phone doesn’t have the latest OS installed and I want to make sure I still get the app.

And that concludes my phone appreciation post. I don’t know if I’ll continue with having another theme tomorrow, but it’s been fun doing it this way so far. Well, have a great day, everyone! And I’ll post again tomorrow! 😀

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