Short and sweet

Hello, universe. I’m going to try to make this daily gratitude post quick before I miss out on posting it today. So, here are today’s five:

Rough days make me appreciate the good ones even more.

Today’s hot weather would’ve been the perfect time to go to the pool. I’ll probably go tomorrow after the webinar if it’s as hot as today was. I dislike the hot weather, but I appreciate that it gives me a reason to go to the pool.

Having a working VCR with video out. Huh, VCR, what’s that, you say? You know, those things that play VHS tapes. Tapes? I’m trying to make this a quick post, so I’ll skip the silly questions. 😛 But it’s really nice having a working VCR with video out so that I can convert some of the stuff I have on tape to digital format.

Frozen bottles of water. Definitely a great way to keep cool. And if you don’t know what I mean, use your imagination. 😉

That I was still able to write this post with plenty of time to spare for today. Is that cheating on one of my five daily gratitude postings? Maybe, but it’s my blog, so it works for me… and I can edit it if I think of a better one. 😀

That’s all for today! 🙂

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