Morning gratitude post!

I usually make my posts at night so I have time to go through the day finding things I appreciate. But since I’ll be headed to Oxnard for the weekend, I thought I’d make my posts now. I’m switching back to gratitude posts for now.

Five things I’m thankful for are:

That I’m able to wake up early without an alarm clock. My body has this natural clock that wakes me up at around the same time each day. It’s awesome.

That I don’t have to set an alarm. One of the nice things about living on your own terms.

Learning what I don’t know and should know. (Sorry if this next part is confusing in any way) It’s hard when you don’t know what you don’t know and what you should know, but you get an amazing sense of clarity when you finally learn exactly what that is. I’m seeking mentors, partners, coaches, etc. who can help me see more of my blind spots.

The way my DVR now automatically rewinds a little bit when you’re on any speed of fast forward. It works perfectly since as soon as I see my show back on after commercials, I just hit play and it rewinds a tiny bit to the exact spot that it needs to be. I love that!

Remembering my dreams. Not dreams as in my dreams and aspirations, but the kinds of dreams when you’re asleep. I usually remember them with such amazing detail and I’ll usually write them down to read later on. Very entertaining sometimes.

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