Got my old domain back!

Last year, one of my domain names expired. I never set anything to auto-renew, so that’s why it ended up expiring, but also because Namecheap never sent me any renewal notices for it. They didn’t send me one when my domain was expiring either, but I managed to remember to renew it. Thanks for nothing, Namecheap!

I’ve since moved my domains to Namesilo because of Namecheap’s lack of notices, though they did send a notice this year when this domain was about to expire. I’m also in the process of moving everything from GoDaddy to Namesilo as well because I’m tired of GoDaddy always locking me out of my account and forcing me to change my password just because other people think that my username is theirs. This stopped after I added two-step verification, but I shouldn’t have to add that just to stop people from trying to login with the wrong username. Plus, I don’t know what’ll happen if I ever change my phone number and am not able to receive the verification code anymore. So, goodbye GoDaddy. I hate your upsells anyway. Namesilo is quick, straightforward, cheap, and gives FREE whois protection.

Anyway, like I said, a domain I had since 2003 ended up expiring back in 2012 because I never got a notice it needed renewal and didn’t realize it until I was renewing this domain name. Some cyber squatter snatched it up and tried to sell it for $285 or something like that or free with purchase of their web hosting package. I just waited it out until it expired again.

It was a long process. The domain ended up expiring on June 26th this year, but after that it was put on auction. There was no way they were getting any money from me, even though I was risking other people bidding on it. But I passed on the auction too. After the auction ended without bids, it was put up for auction again at a lower price. I still held out on buying, mostly because I didn’t want to pay to join GoDaddy’s auction service.

The second auction ended, also without bids. But I still had to wait because even though the domain was already expired, it got put into redemption period status. I can’t remember how long that lasted, but then the next status after that was pendingdelete.

Finally, the domain was able to be registered again. But I wanted to wait a couple of days because I have this weird thing about trying to register domain names on people’s birthdays – yeah, silly me. But I figure if they expire on someone’s birthday, then I’ll remember to renew them. Though, that didn’t help me much when it used to expire on my brother’s birthday.

So, I have my domain back, but lost the domain age (it’s now a brand new 2013 domain instead of a 10-year old 2003 domain) and page rank – and it doesn’t show up anymore for the keywords it used to rank for. Hopefully it can again.

I’m just glad I was able to get it back without giving any money to the people who tried to profit from it.

2 thoughts on “Got my old domain back!

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    Nam Vu

    May 8, 2014 at 6:55pm

    So how long since the expiration date to the day when you could actually re-register the domain? I’m also in the same boat, having a personal 5yo domain expired on me at the end of March, it’s still in redemption period status (which as I read, is typically 30 days) but it’s been that way for almost 42 days now.

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      June 13, 2014 at 10:36pm

      I actually don’t remember how long it took. I remember reading something similar, but my actual experience was probably about the same as yours. I just kept on checking back until it was able to be registered again.

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